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Welcome to Mungsube Enterprise

As one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial display products, TFT-LCD open frame monitor which would be applicable for Casino gaming, Amusement, Information Kiosk…, Mungsube Enterprise Inc. is determined to take advantages of such changes as an opportunity for success and innovation.

Especially we’re ready to explore and enjoy this change with our customer. We’re continuing our efforts to aggressively invest in R&D and challenge core display technologies. We, also, striving to put our customer’s interest ahead of others in our company. We know the shortcut where lead us to the top-notch of this industry by offering the un-paralleled quality and services.

our history

2005 -

Established MungSuBe Enterprise, Inc.
Leading Edge for Quality Display Solution Provider

2006 -

Made a strategic business alliance with Nexview in Korea
Nexview is manufacturing industrial open-frame LCD displays

2006 -

Launch solutions of touch screen applications
SAW, Resistive, Capacitive, and IR Touch Solution

2007 -

Develop high brightness LCD displays for outdoor applications.

2008 -

Distribution Agreement with Hyundai LCD for small – size LCD panels

2009 -

Launch a strategic relationship with Daewoo Display for Large Screen
Daewoo Electronics spinned off AV Division to Daewoo Display

2009 -

Extend Industrial Display Applications with GTT Co., Ltd. In Korea

2010 -

Launch POS Machines in US Market with Hanasis

2012 -

Become a strategic partner with Panasonic USA Corporation

Our Team

We are ready to support YOU

All management and staffs at Mungsube are determined to launch intensive and sustained innovative operation to firmly positioned company to be customer-oriented , dynamic and action-oriented. Mungsube promised to become a faithful partner and to achieve it, we’ll think innovatively, do properly and support honestly.

Thank you